Client Testimonials

 What do our customers have to say about us?
“Aside from the great system functionality, the implementation phase was very smooth, and the ongoing customer support is awesome.”
Iain Morton, Human Resource Manager, Furlanis

“Successful implementation! The pay calculations are accurate. We were able to automate and program our complicated statutory holiday rules, accruals and hourly rate increases in the middle of the pay-period (split pays) thus eliminating quite a lot of manual work and verification. As we did not have HR software, the employee profile in the CoreHR module was programmed to our exact needs and meets our requirements.
The Project Manager asked the right questions and suggested ways to give us the desired results. Synerion provides excellent customer service.”
Sherry Lemieux, Payroll Manager, Jack Victor
“The key to the success has been the relationship management of the account. Staples has put Synerion to the test several times and the company has risen to the challenge.”
J. Kilpatrick, Payroll Manager, Staples
“We are an organization of over 2300 employees. The Synerion team was incredibly attentive to our unique culture and needs. No need was too great nor too out-of-the-ordinary. We are extremely pleased with the project conversion, the data synchronization between systems, and our return on investment.”
Julie Jamieson, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Home Hardware
We are in the process of reviewing all of internal processes to improve our efficiency and effectiveness at an affordable cost, Synerion’s solutions provides us with the tool to achieve our goals. Getting a solution that could do this without breaking the bank was important to us, Synerion was the clear winner when it came to quality and price.
Tania Clake, CFO, Imvescor
“Improves time to calculate payroll, we started with paper time cards, this was a huge step in reducing the time it took to manage payroll. employees are paid on time and correctly.”
Lynne, Payroll Administrator, Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc
“user friendly, no technical issues. very easy to add new user to the system. customer support has been very responsive and always there to answer my inquires.”
Suzana, Administrative Assistant, World Vision
“The reliability, you want the software to be like a car you want it work and be reliable that is what you get from Synerion . Punches are never lost. Works for multiple locations.”
Tom, Karl W. Richter LTD
“Being able to change punches times easily, automation of the system.
Ease and convenience of knowing the exceptions and errors.
Reporting is good, quick access to the hours data.
Support does great with answering questions.
System has never been down, always available, was nervous about this but no down time so far.”
Mike, Virginia Imports, Ltd
“The system is very intuitive. The training videos helped me, but a lot of things I was able to figure out on my own because the system is very clear and easy to use. The support team is always quick to respond with help when needed.”
Lyne, Dll Inc
“Quick and does not freeze up when trying to view data (unlike our last system). Customer support is also great; my questions get answered very quickly and thoroughly.”
Holly, Heliene
“The Synerion time and attendance software has allowed our payroll employees to move from performing data entry to verifying and validating information. In addition, the system has provided visibility of attendance data to supervisors and managers and reduced the amount of paper being generated on the floor. In short, Synerion delivered the value added ‘punch’ our company needed.”
Paul Dean, Director of Logistics and Customer Service, Broan
“With the TimeZone™ system, processing payroll is 300 time quicker. We have 18 managers and they all say this is a great big time saver for them, and they’re all glad it was purchased.”
Elly Petit, Payroll Manager, Shaw Conference Centre
“Previously, we needed 4 people to process payroll. Now we are down to 1 person and mistakes are not a problem anymore. I believe a 75% decrease in payroll processing costs to be substantial and a tremendous return on our investment”
Norah Nahhas, Payroll Manager , THE NUANCE GROUP
“Since we started using the Synerion Scheduler module we have seen a consistent reduction in our labour costs. We were able to save 3% of our labour costs compared to last year and our expectations are that will be able to save an additional 2% this year – and not at the expense of our great service!”
David Blum, Human Resources, Isrotel Hotels
“Prior to installing TimeZone, we spent a lot of time gathering and communicating information between head office and our processing plants. By streamlining and implementing an enterprise – wide application amongst our 6 plants we have significantly reduced the cost of producing payroll and increased consistency and accuracy. Even more important however, is the level of service Synerion provides – they are professional, attentive and delivered by analysts who really seem to care.”
Art Belloumini, Corporate Controller, Sunrise Farms
“Through gained efficiencies, improved attendance and other measures, the STA Finance Department went through a reorganization process which not only reduced staff levels but also improved on service delivery quality and accountability.”
Dr. Wynand Steyn, Manager of Finance, Stoney Nation Native Band
Visually, the Synerion system is easy to use, easy to learn, and is less expensive.
Alexandra Banu , SISTEMALUX
Beyond the ease of use of the software and the incredible lead time in implementation, Synerion’s support is fantastic and the staff is very helpful and responsive.
Murtaza Soni, Controller, RICE TOOL MFG.
Synerion was chosen because of the competitive price for the product being purchased over other vendors
Cindy Hall, Accounting, VIP Railings
“We had been using a competitive product. Synerion’s TimeZone™ and the service dramatically exceed the functionality and support I received from the other vendor — by far!”
“When I was deciding between your product and that of a competitor I found the staff at Synerion to be very helpful, keen to do business, and willing to work outside the guidelines in order to give me exactly what I needed. I love how the software works. It reduces my work load, enables me to keep very accurate records, and thus will financially benefit the company.”
N.B, Assistant General Manager, NORELCO
I have worked closely with my account representative for the last month during which time she has shown great dedication and extreme patience.
J.S., Payroll Administrator, DOREL HOME PRODUCTS
We are saving time and money by having a fully automated solution. Synerion was able to meet our complex rule requirements and we see a night and day difference from our previous experience with workforce management providers
Wendy Pratt, Human Resource Manager , Wallenstien Food & Supply
It does everything we need it todo. It’s easy to follow and Update.
Maria, Sargent Areospace
It’s east to use. Clear. The Reports look great. The scheduling will be very helpful for us.
Meaghan, Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc
“Increased efficiency in the processing of payroll by the HR and Payroll Departments saved approximately 1 million NIS to the organization. We are now focusing on cases that require special attention rather than investing resources in data processing and analysis to flag exceptions.”
Ronit Ben-Yehuda, Project Manager, Blue Square