Synerion Compliance Powered by Enquiron

A new way to help stay compliant. It’s about time. 

Your business is poised to grow and Synerion wants to help make that journey a little easier. With Synerion Compliance, you get access to a full knowledge base of HR compliance content. From federal training requirements to state by state compliance measures will help keep you ahead of any new changes.

This is why Synerion partnered with Enquiron to bring you these great ideas and features!

In addition, you can add additional capability like access to state lawyers to ask any questions and get feedback you might have

Why select Synerion Compliance, Powered by Enquiron?



Access to Lawyers

Seriously, with Synerion Compliance, you can add and will have the access to experienced attorneys in every state you need help with. So, if you need help understanding the new HR changes in Florida or the new ERISA changes in California – you’ll get it! You have access to get any questions you have answered in less than 1 business day.

Handbook builder 

Employee handbooks are an important part of compliance. With Synerion Compliance, we have all the state regulations and everything you can think of that you need to be in the handbook. The portal makes it easy to generate, edit and share your employee handbooks with all your new hires! 


Powerful tools and alerts

Get useful alerts and notifications sent to you when important changes are coming to states you do business in. you will also get access to a full library of resources to review and help keep you compliant.  


You will get a massive amount of resources from federal, state and local government offices regarding what you need to keep your business compliant. You will have accesses to all of these documents and lawyers to help make sense of it all. 

We reviewed several potential vendor solutions and Synerion stood out as the clear choice. The application was intuitive and easy for us to adapt to and capable of customizing to manage our complex requirements. Clearly Synerion has proven to be a worthy business partner.

Tracey Laughlin VP of Finance