Time & Attendance

A new way to track time and attendance. It’s about time. 

Automating how time is captured and recorded is revolutionizing how businesses (of all shapes and sizes) are streamlining their manual punch clock, payroll or timesheet processes.

Maybe you use some form of time and attendance system to record when employees start and stop working. That means, you also have to track when employees are at work, but you must also keep accurate records of when they are not working, like vacation time, on call, sick, and jury duty – ensuring compliance with labor laws and union requirements. Automating these processes allows you to easily keep detailed records of everyday attendance and issues such as unexplained absences, tardiness and sick days. 

Why choose us for Time and Attendance?



Collect your important data digitally.

Seriously, it’s time to get rid of your paper timesheets and manual punch-card systems. Synerion’s automated systems use RFID/HID, barcode badges, magnetic stripe cards, biometrics or touch screen inputs in place of paper cards to track working hours more accurately. All of the data collection can be done through the cloud and on mobile devices. 

Eliminate your manual processes, once and for all.

Manual time and attendance tracking systems put your business at risk of costly errors. If that doesn’t keep you up at night, tedious administrative tasks cost your organization money, increasing the likelihood of mistakes and leading to countless wasted hours on manual processes. An automated time and attendance tracking platform reduces these risks.

Compliance is a big deal to get right. 

All businesses are concerned with compliance issues, because it’s a really big deal to get right! A time and attendance system is an invaluable tool for ensuring you adhere to all labor regulations, especially those regarding proof of attendance.

Protection From Payroll Fraud. *Shudder*

You should feel confident in the accuracy of your payroll. Sleep better at night knowing Synerion’s employee time and attendance tracking software protects your business from payroll fraud while improving productivity.

Take back control of your labor costs.

With manual time and attendance tracking, human error, interpretation errors and even intentional errors can lead you to overpay or underpay employees. An automated software solution leaves no room for error as all data is captured, stored and transferred to your payroll system digitally.

We reviewed several potential vendor solutions and Synerion stood out as the clear choice. The application was intuitive and easy for us to adapt to and capable of customizing to manage our complex requirements. Clearly Synerion has proven to be a worthy business partner.

Tracey Laughlin VP of Finance