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Government Employee Management System

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Proactive Management of Workforce
As its workforce ages and more veteran employees approach retirement, the government and public sector fears the loss of experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

Moreover, it must compete with the private sector in attracting new talent. The problem of recruitment, therefore, has become acute and necessitates a transition to proactive management of the workforce. To attract and retain high-quality workers, government and public organizations must demonstrate more flexibility in their work patterns, mobility, promotions and more.

Synerion solutions provide graphic displays of organizational structures and actual staffing, as well as recruitment tools that help managers assess and monitor human resource gaps. This enables them to respond as needed, either by new recruitments or through internal employee mobility and promotion.

Reduced Exposure to Compliance Risks
Characteristics of the government and public sector are the large number of agreements, extensive regulations, and vast dealings with numerous committees, all of which encumber effective workforce management.

Synerion WFM solutions enable the processing of a vast amount of attendance/ absence and overtime data according to labour laws, as well as individual and collective agreements, and its transfer to payroll and other systems within the organization. Automatic processing avoids data entry, prevents calculation errors and saves valuable time.

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Managing Absenteeism

Endemic tardiness and absenteeism negatively affect the level of service in the government and public sector. Synerion’s self-service system enables employees and managers alike, depending on authorization levels, to transfer and handle requests for absence and tardiness.
Absences are approved based on the balance of vacation days and tasks that the employee must perform. An alert mechanism for unplanned absences and tardiness helps managers respond immediately with corrective action, thus avoiding disruption of current activities.


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