Reporting & Analytics

Do more with your data Information is power

but information overload can be the exact opposite. That’s why we’ve designed customizable reporting, analytics and notification features that give you real time insights into the data points you need to optimize your operations and growth. Easily create and track your own KPIs and metrics, set up notifications, and generate totally custom (and relevant) reports within your dashboard. Use the data at your fingertips to react faster and more effectively to issues that affect your business, and ultimately improve your performance every day.

Reporting that’s easy to customize.

We know that reporting tends to get a bit messy. There’s too much information to digest, and only some of it is actually relevant or actionable. Synerion’s customizable reporting dashboards allow individual users to set up views and reports that drill down on data that’s important to them. Designed to be incredibly user-friendly, you can easily choose from popular reports, build your own custom views, and drag and drop them into your dashboard. Each report can be individualized and give you the option for different views of the data and time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) to help you track performance and progress.


Analytics that supercharge performance.

Data and analytics are increasingly becoming the cornerstone for high-performance business operations. With insight into real-time data, you can analyze, forecast, and make decisions based on metrics that will make the biggest impact to your business, day-to-day. For example, capture and analyze data on each employees’ speed of production, and benefit from scheduling top-performers to specific projects. Imagine if you could project ways to save on labour costs, or react to business-critical issues, or ensure compliance to labour laws simply by capturing employee metrics.

Notifications that don’t waste time.

Stay in the know, minute by minute. Businesses rely on our notification features to receive critical alerts like employee punch in/out, scheduling issues, or overtime hours, directly to their desktop or mobile device. Customizable notifications allow you to set up alerts for the information you need the most, anywhere, anytime.