Workforce Management Software

Word gets around. Synerion is the best workforce management software in the industry for powerful yet flexible workforce management solutions. Our experienced team can help you implement a system that offers you the best possible return on investment. We focus on how our technology can gather the intelligence you need to make better business decisions, automate your processes to reduce errors and start driving ROI as soon as possible.

We take a different approach to employee management software, looking at how we can find a solution to optimize and improve your business processes rather than just automate your existing ones. We’ll act as your partner, not simply as a vendor, throughout our deployment process and with ongoing support to ensure your new workforce management solution helps you achieve your business goals.

Why Choose Us for Workforce Management?


Take Action with Your Data.

Your managers shouldn’t be running reports – their workforce management system should give them the actionable data they need when they need it. We distill massive amounts of data and highlight items that require further attention and immediate action.

Create a Highly Engaged Workforce.

Getting employees involved in your workforce management system is essential to its adoption and ability to achieve ROI. Our employee self-service module allows staff to request time off, make profile changes, clock in/out, view their upcoming schedules, view their timesheets, request shift swaps and more, all via their mobile device, our web-based platform or on-site terminals.

Seamless Integration with Just About Anything.

Synerion’s workforce management software can integrate with or import data from a variety of other systems, including Ceridian, ADP, Paychex, Oracle, Desjardins, National Bank, Microsoft, SAP, and many others.

Implementation Without the Headache.

Unlike many companies in the enterprise software market, Synerion is extremely flexible in our deployment options, offering both Cloud (SaaS) and On-Premise deployments. Your organization can choose which model suits your needs best. Synerion’s cloud solution is supported by Microsoft’s Azure.

We are in the process of reviewing all of internal processes to improve our efficiency and effectiveness at an affordable cost, Synerion’s solutions provide us with the tool to achieve our goals. Getting a solution that could do this without breaking the bank was important to us, Synerion was the clear winner when it came to quality and price.

Tania Clake, CFO