Facial Recognition Time Clocks

The latest in advanced Facial Recognition Technology.

The Synerion facial recognition time clock is packed with many great features. This is a great option for any business that is looking to streamline their time collection process. The facial recognition is one of the fastest biometric methods to have employees clock in and out. All they need to do is walk up to clock and within seconds they will be ready to start their day. 

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Thermal Temperature Checking

Synerion facial recognition time clock is packed with many great features. One of those is the ability to check employees temperature before they clock in for their shift. The clock is equipped with a thermal reader that will accurately measure the employees temperature. If the employee is found to have a high temperature the clock will not allow them to punch in for the shift and a manager can handle at their discretion. This is just one of the great health and safety benefits the Synerion facial recognition time clock has to offer.

Mask Detection

Another great feature of the Synerion face id time clocks is the ability to make sure employees have a mask on, if required. The Synerion facial recognition clock will detect if a mask is being worn at the time of the punch and can even reject employees from punching in if the mask is not being detected. The high quality facial recognition algorithm will still know who the employee is even with the mask on.

Finger Print Scanner

This clock can be configured with number of different modules to fit your exact business needs for clocking in and out. If facial recognition technology isn’t right for your business you can have employees punch in using the fingerprint scanner or even just uses badges. 

Continuous updates, clear, powerful reporting functionality and the hardware hasn't had an issue in the 3+ years we've been with Synerion. Very easy and intuitive to use and navigate, both from an admin and user perspective. Very easy and quick to integrate as well. I've recommended it to other businesses and will continue to do so.

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