Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Employee scheduling is all too often a complicated and time-consuming undertaking, with far-reaching implications for your organization. Poor scheduling does not only impact the productivity of your business – it can also affect employee morale and performance, your profitability and overall customer satisfaction. Without an accurate and well-planned schedule, your business opens itself up to a host of risks, including under or overstaffing, unnecessary overtime payments, or compliance with union or labour law requirements.

No matter your scheduling requirements, Synerion’s flexible shift scheduling software can be configured to improve and automate the scheduling process to reduce errors, cut down on administrative time and save your organization money.

Why choose us for Employee Scheduling?



Scheduling for even the most complex scenarios.

Our enhanced scheduling features are ideal for industries that have more complex scheduling requirements. Perhaps you operate a health care facility and require a particular number of Registered Nurses on a certain floor during a certain shift, or, your call center needs to schedule employees who are trained on particular accounts for each shift. Synerion’s system can be configured to identify any gaps in your schedule and build a list of suitable employees.

Proactive, real-time alerts.

Our automated scheduling software will proactively alert you to any gaps in your schedule and make it easy to fill those gaps with an appropriate staff member. Alerts will also warn you if your planned schedule will result in overtime costs, allowing you to make changes in real-time to avoid this added expense. Additionally, as employees call in sick or request time off our system will alert you immediately so you can fill that shift as soon as possible.

Eliminate costly payroll errors.

Avoid manual mistakes and excess payments. Work hours can be synced with your existing payroll system so an employee’s pay can be accurately calculated based on actual attendance.

No more risky business. 

For some industries, the biggest challenge when it comes to scheduling is staying compliant with labour laws and union regulations. Synerion’s scheduling software will alert you to any possible deviations from work hours, number of shifts, rest hours between shifts and consecutive days worked.

Scheduling without surprises.

Synerion’s scheduler helps you avoid unexpected absences and schedule more efficiently. Using Synerion’s employee self-serve platform, staff can update their availability to prevent scheduling errors.

The software is pretty customizable. We have various types of employees with many different schedules. We found this to be pretty straight forward to set up and utilize.

Karen ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery