Synerion Enterprise Billing FAQ

1 Understanding Synerion Enterprise Billing


Our Enterprise Cloud SaaS customers start to be billed for the service as of fee start date as defined in the contract. This applies to both Hardware (per device per month charges) and Software (per employee per month) fees. Your first bill will be based on your usage for the first complete month following the start of billing (partial months are not billed). The invoice for the previous month’s usage is sent on the 20th of the following month.

For example:

If you are active and billing starts on Feb 15th, on April 20th, you will be sent an invoice for the services used for the complete month of March. Services between Feb 15th and March 1st are not billed. In addition to invoicing, credit card and direct deposit options are available.

1.2 How Does Billing Work?

Synerion will invoice you based on the previous month’s usage. Usage is defined as the maximum number of active employees within the system. The bill is based on the peak number of active employees for the month in question.

For example:

Company ABC has 80 regular employees in the calendar month of March. During the week of March 15 th , they activated another 20 employees, making the total for that week 100 employees. They will receive a bill on April 20 th for the month of March for 100 employees times their monthly rate.

1.3 How is the rate per employee calculated?

At the time of purchase, you were given a per employee rate by Synerion based on which modules you are using in the system. This rate remains the same for the duration of the contract period (does not vary based on usage), and therefore the bill will vary only based on number of active employees.

1.4 How do I know how many employees are active in the system?

An Enterprise user in the system has access to the licensing information when they click under their username in the upper right hand corner of software and select license details.

Once clicked there will be information on the customer’s license. The number of employees is irrelevant since we will not limit the number of employees you can add to the system in the cloud. However, in brackets you will see the number of active employees in the system. In this case the customer technically can go up to 99,999 employees but has only 48 active in the system and is charged only for that amount .  

Note: There is a minimum number of employees specified in the contract for the purposes of billing. For example, if the minimum number is set to 100 in the sales order, customer will be billed for 100 employees even if there are fewer employees active in their system.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes customers bring employee data into the Synerion system from another system of record like an HR system or payroll system. It is up to the customer to ensure that only relevant active employees are brought into the Synerion system, as they will be charged for all active employees.


To make an employee inactive, you must first navigate to the COREHR function in the system and select the employee in question.

Simply click on the de-activate button and the system will prompt you for a termination date, and the employee will be inactive.