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Employee Time & Attendance Software

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Organizations of all sizes use some form of time and attendance system to record when employees start and stop working. Not only must you track when employees are at work, but you must also keep accurate records of when they are not working. Vacation time, compensation time, jury duty and FMLA time must all be captured to ensure compliance with labour laws and union requirements. Additionally, you may wish to keep detailed records of attendance issues such as unexplained absences, tardiness and those who call in sick.
Automating how time is captured and your employees are paid on a day to day basis is an ideal solution for businesses who find themselves still using manual punch clocks, timesheets or manual payroll processes.


Why Choose Synerion to Automate Your Time & Attendance?

Collect Data Digitally

Trash your paper time sheets and manual punch card systems. Synerion’s automated systems can use electronic tags, barcode badges, magnetic stripe cards, biometrics or touch screen inputs in place of paper cards to track working hours more accurately.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Manual time and attendance tracking systems put your business at risk of costly errors. Tedious administrative tasks cost your organization money, increasing the likelihood of mistakes and leading to countless wasted hours on manual processes. An automated time and attendance tracking platform reduces these risks.

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“We are in the process of reviewing all of internal processes to improve our efficiency and effectiveness at an affordable cost, Synerion’s solutions provides us with the tool to achieve our goals. Getting a solution that could do this without breaking the bank was important to us, Synerion was the clear winner when it came to quality and price.”
Tania Clarke, Imvescor
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Ensure Compliance

All businesses are concerned with compliance issues. A time and attendance system is an invaluable tool for ensuring you adhere to all labor regulations, especially those regarding proof of attendance.

Protection From Payroll Fraud

You should feel confident in the accuracy of your wage payments. Synerion’s employee time and attendance tracking software protects your business from payroll fraud while improving productivity.

Control Labor Costs

With manual time and attendance tracking, transcription errors, interpretation errors and even intentional errors can lead you to overpay or underpay employees. An automated software solution leaves no room for error as all data is captured, stored and transferred to your payroll system digitally. Our system can even perform the calculations necessary to generate an employee’s timesheet and wages.

Why Switch From a Manual Process to an Automated Process ?

➤ Enables you to have full automation of hours worked.

➤ Reduces your over-payments, over-time, miscalculated pay & more!

➤ Manual processes are eliminated which keeps your admin staff efficient.


➤ Comply with labor regulations.

➤ Protect yourself against payroll fraud.

➤ Provides you and your employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments.