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Transportation & Distribution Employee Time Tracking

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Transportation & Distribution Scheduling Software

Controlling labor costs and improving productivity are high priorities for the transportation and distribution industries. Maintaining competitive pricing, streamlining business processes and reducing production costs are all part of staying competitive within the marketplace. Your transportation or distribution company requires a solution that takes into account the unique challenges of your industry and helps you achieve your organization’s goals

Complex Payment Situations

Your drivers may be paid using a number of complex structures, whether you pay them for their scheduled or actual route time, pay per mile or by number of hours worked. Additionally, you may have to factor in alternative pay rates for hazard routes or varying geographical locations. Synerion can automate all aspects of the payroll process to save your organization administrative time and reduce payroll errors.

Transportation Scheduling

You need to have the right drivers in the right place at the right time to distribute loads effectively and keep your business moving forward. You’ll get real-time visibility into absences, under-staffing and no-shows so you can make the necessary adjustments before your level of service is affected.

Why Does the Transportation Industry Choose Synerion?


Why Do Transportation & Distribution Companies Choose Synerion

Our transportation and distribution scheduling software allows you to optimize your workforce for increased productivity. We work with our clients to determine the ideal solution that will help them better manage working hours, labor costs and give them the actionable insight they need to make important business decisions.

Compliance Considerations & Alerts

In the transportation and distribution industry, you must deal with a number of compliance issues, union regulations and labor laws surrounding the scheduling of drivers. Drivers must have a certain number of hours off between shifts or may only be permitted to work a certain number of hours per week. Synerion makes keeping compliant simple by alerting you to scheduling changes that may not be in line with local labor laws or will put an employee into overtime.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Savings of up to 5% in operating costs by automating processes, reducing overtime and accurate calculation of working hours.

  • Synerion’s transportation and distribution scheduling platform can integrate with your existing logbook management software technology.

  • Better budget execution enabled by tracking working hours and their cost by pay periods, as well as by site, profit center, department, and business unit.
  • Reduced exposure to regulatory risks through proper management of individual and collective employee agreements and compliance with labour laws.
  • Improved communication through web-based self-service tools for employees and managers, with real-time viewing of information regarding absence requests and shift management.
  • Management of a variety of employment agreements – global, shifts, flexible time, and others – and their adaptation to regulatory requirements and agreements within the sector.
  • Report generator and business intelligence system for more accurate trend analysis, planning of labor requirements and costs, as well as flagging of issues that require attention.


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