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Education Workforce Management Software

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School districts, universities/colleges and other educational institutions have many divisions that can reap the benefits from a workforce management solution such as Teachers, support staff, maintenance workers, bookstore, Library, recreations, bus drivers, student workers and many more. Synerion allows for your school to have one system that manage all the departments and their unique requirements.

No more paper Time Sheets!

We find many educational institutions still using paper time sheets for its workers, this can be cumbersome for your HR & payroll teams with hundreds or even thousands of employees doing this. We have helped many Schools move away from paper time sheets, by doing so these schools have seen a reduction in payroll errors, time theft, and administrative time needed to complete payroll each week. Saving them thousands of dollars each year.

Accurate & Automated Payroll Process

One of the most challenging areas for organizations in the healthcare industry is managing the complex payroll processes of varying employees at different hourly wages and salaries. Synerion can help you track employee time more accurately, and transfer this data to your existing payroll system to reduce administrative time, eliminate errors, and more accurately pay employees for their work.

Why Does the Education Industry Choose Synerion?

Why Do Educational institutions Choose Synerion ?

It’s simple – unlike other workforce management and scheduling software providers, we offer a solution designed specifically for the education industry. Our software allows you to balance labor costs, track employee time off, scheduling and many more.

Key Benefits & Features
  • One system that handle all departments unique requirements within your educational institution.

  • Onboard new employees more smoothly with automated administration processes.

  • Identify outstanding workers for performance-based compensation. Or track hours to projects to help allocate research Grants and other funding.

  • Assists in the recruiting process by mapping the skills required for filling vacancies, and identifying candidates who best meet the maximum requirements.


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