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Retail Employee Scheduling Software

For the retail sector, proper scheduling is essential to the overall performance of the business. Ensuring that the right staff are in the right place at the right time can impact the shopping experience for your customers and provide them with the high level of customer service they expect. Flexible retail scheduling software is a must-have technology for operations of all sizes as they strive to compete in today’s challenging retail market.

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Why Does the Retail Industry Choose Synerion Scheduling Software?

Efficient retail workforce management is the key to providing outstanding customer service. Our employee scheduling software can reduce the time and costs associated with manual scheduling and payroll processes, eliminating errors and automating where possible so you can manage your workforce efficiently and operate within budget to meet your business objectives.

Scheduling the Right Talent

Synerion makes it easy to schedule talented employees when you need them. Need to schedule your top performers for a busy shift during an upcoming promotion? Our retail employee scheduling system can help you identify who to schedule and when based on their skill set, department, seniority and availability.

Managing Availability

Our scheduling software ensures you avoid scheduling an employee when they’re not available. Employee self-serve options allow workers to input their availability, vacation requests and absences so you can avoid errors and unexpected gaps in coverage. You’ll even get real time alerts in case of no shows, late arrivals and absences so you can back-fill employees if needed.

Engaging a Young Workforce

Your business must adapt to the young and dynamic nature of the retail workforce, and that means adopting flexible and accessible scheduling solutions. Synerion Mobile allows your retail staff to access their upcoming schedules, trade shifts and access their employee data directly from their smartphone anytime, anywhere.

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Ready to start reducing operational costs and increase productivity?

  • Decreased labour costs due to more accurate pay for actual working hours.
  • Data collection can integrated into your existing POS system.
  • Reduced risks to the organization through proper compliance with employee agreements and compatibility with labour laws.
  • Automation and management of business processes, from recruitment to time management, attendance and absence tracking, as well as preparation for payroll.
  • Support for a variety of employment, wage, and collective agreements, including such topics as management of break time and bonuses.
  • Real-time alerts in case of discrepancies between planning and actual implementation (no-shows and tardiness).
  • Savings in recruitment time and costs, with maximum match between job requirements and candidate capabilities.
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