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Managing employee vacation and time off requests can be a real challenge, and making a mistake can hinder productivity and cause you to lose money on unauthorized days off. Without an absence management solution, you also run the risk of allowing your staff to take too much – or too little – time off, exposing your organization to risks arising from non-compliance with the law. Additionally, forgetting that an employee has a vacation day scheduled can also leave you with gaps in your labour force, which can mean disaster for your business if these shifts are not covered with an appropriately skilled employee.
Synerion’s absence management software can streamline all aspects of your business’ process for employee time off. From tracking each employee’s allotted vs. actual days used to recommending the ideal staff member to pick up shifts when an absence occurs, our platform will help you better manage absences and prevent understaffing. With real-time alerts, you’ll never miss another vacation request, unexpected absence or inadvertently allow an employee to take more days off than they are allotted.


How Can Synerion’s Software Improve Your Absence Management?

Our platform can help supervisors better manage absences by providing them the critical insight they need into their workforces’ time off. Synerion can:
• Automate the absence request process to reduce administrative time and errors.
• Better manage sick days, partial absences, leave requests (FMLA) and jury duty absences.
• Accurately track “time banking”, or the time that you owe employees for vacation, sick days, overtime, lieu time and more.
• Minimize direct and indirect operational and financial damage caused by absences.
• Allow employees to easily request time off and have their requests approved by managers via our platform.
• Ensure that all time off requests comply with union requirements and labour laws.
• Track absence accruals in order to improve the payout process, avoiding potential end of year cash flow issues.

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“We reviewed several potential vendor solutions and Synerion stood out as the clear choice. The application was intuitive and easy for us to adapt to and capable of customizing to manage our complex requirements. Clearly Synerion has proven to be a worthy business partner.”
Tracey Laughlin, HGS
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Why Choose Synerion?

Our employee absence management system offers a comprehensive view of all time off requests, allowing managers to approve or reject requests based on the needs of your organization, their available balances, company policies and more. Absence-related data can also be effectively transferred to your existing payroll system so employees are paid accurately for their time off.

Along with Synerion’s time and attendance software, our absence management platform can offer your business an in-depth look at the planned and actual absences and types of absences recorded by your workforce. Detailed graphic displays make it easy to see trends and issues at a glance, giving you the actionable information you need to implement changes.

Why Switch From a Manual Process to an Automated Process ?

➤ Enables you to have full automation of hours worked.

➤ Reduces your over-payments, over-time, miscalculated pay & more!

➤ Manual processes are eliminated which keeps your admin staff efficient.

➤ Comply with labour regulations.

➤ Protect yourself against payroll fraud.

➤ Provides you and your employees with confidence in the accuracy of their wage payments.