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Synerion Access Control

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Why Synerion Access Control?

Synerion done the leg worked and officially partnered with a Access Control company to for our customers to leverage. We wanted to make sure we worked with a company that brings the same level of service and customer experience you get with Synerion. That is why we chose AmanoMcgann to provide Access Control to Synerion customers.
Synerion integrates certain badges so that you’re employees can use the same badge for clocking in/out as well as for opening doors!


Why use Access Control?

Why use Access Control?

Security is a growing concern for businesses in all industries. You want to make sure you can keep your employees, machines, data and other valuable assets safe from threats. That is why Synerion has partnered with a world renowned access control company to help keep your most important investments safe.
  • Provides secure access to all doors and entrances to your business.

  • Limit who has access and when to certain high valuable areas in your business.

  • Employees Synerion badges can also work for accessing doors.

  • Monitor your business from anywhere with 24/7 access to live video feeds.
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Access Control

Monitor Your Business On the Go!

touch screen time clocks with finger print scanner
Get all your access control data in a compact dashboard right from your phone!

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Monitor your business in real time. You can view your cameras live 24/7 right from your phone.

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